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Conditions of use of the server

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The company Brno City Theatre, the operator of the web server, gives you the right to view and download materials from this web server, exclusively for your personal, non-commercial use and providing all the clauses regarding the copyright and other proprietary laws, which are part of the original materials, will remain on all copies of these materials. Materials which are located on this web server mustn’t be altered, reproduced or exhibited in public, presented, distributed or used for any public or commercial purpose in any situation. Any use of these materials on any other web server or other network environment for any purpose is prohibited. The materials on this web server are protected by copyright and their unauthorized usage may mean a violation of copyright laws, trademark and other laws. If you breach any of these conditions, your right to use this server is terminated automatically and you must destroy all materials which you have already downloaded or printed out.


Materials (including all software) and services on this web server are provided “as is”, i.e. without guarantee of any kind, including any guarantee of saleability, suitability for a particular purpose or the non-violation of intellectual property. The liabilities of Brno City Theatre concerning the provided services are governed exclusively by contracts on the bases of which they are provided. Furthermore, Brno City Theatre is not liable for the correctness and completeness of the materials, software and services on this web server. Brno City Theatre can make changes to the materials on this web server or change the services and prices described in these materials, at any time and without prior notification. Materials and services on this web server may not be up-to-date and Brno City Theatre is not obliged to update the materials and services on this web server.


Brno City Theatre, its suppliers or any other third party mentioned on this web server will not be held liable for damage of any kind (including, but not limited to, such damage which is the result of lost profit, loss of data or interruption of business) which is caused by the use, inability to use or as a result of the use of this web server, any server linked to this server or materials and information contained on any or all web servers, on the basis of warranty, contract, delinquency or any other legal theories, regardless of whether or not Brno City Theatre was made aware of the possibility of the occurrence of such damage. Should the use of materials, information or services from this web server result in the necessity to maintain, re-adjust or repair equipment or data, you shall bear all the cost connected with it.


Brno City Theatre does not wish to accept confidential or protected information from you via this web server. Any materials, information or other announcements which will be transferred or sent to this server by you shall not be considered confidential or protected information. Brno City Theatre shall have no obligations regarding these announcements. Brno City Theatre and persons appointed by it will be allowed to copy, make public, spread and use all such announcements, illustrations, sounds, texts and other components for any commercial or non-commercial purposes in any way.


In the interest of maintaining the required qualitative parameters of this web server and services provided, with regards to the technological nature of the operation of the Internet network, Brno City Theatre shall monitor the operation of its DNS, web, database and post servers, including the IP addresses of the computers which contact these servers via the world-wide Internet computer network, and this information will be archived and evaluated, mainly for the reasons of technical security of the operation of this web server and the propagation of its services according to their real use.


This web server sends cookie files to personal computers on this web server (if the user allows the acceptance of such files in his or her internet browser), or it reads these files from computers if users have visited this web server at some time in the past. One of the reasons for the use of cookie files is that they help with the accumulation of statistical information about the number of visits to this web server, according to the above mentioned description. This information is never connected with personal data.

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Determinable personal information provided to Brno City Theatre with the purpose of obtaining services will be processed in accordance with the declaration on the Protection of Personal Data. It is prohibited to transfer or send any illegal, offensive, slanderous, indecent, pornographic or other materials which violate any laws to or from this web server.


You may create links to this web server from other web servers but you have to comply with the following conditions:

  1. the links may refer to the contents of this web server but they mustn’t replicate them
  2. the links should not create the impression of the environment of a browser or margins around the contents of this web server
  3. they shouldn’t suggest that Brno City Theatre approves of the web pages or products in question
  4. they shouldn’t misrepresent their relationship with Brno City Theatre.
  5. they shouldn’t present false information about the services of Brno City Theatre
  6. they shouldn’t contain anything which could be interpreted as disgusting, offensive or controversial
  7. their contents should be suitable for all age groups.


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