Mirko Vuksanovič

Mirko Vuksanovič

Music composer and musician from Montenegro. He has been living in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and works in the local theatre (PDG). In the mid-eighties, Janez Starina discovered him for the theatre world, when he was looking for a music composer for the performance of the black comedy What did the Groom of the Chamber see? by Joe Orton. Together with the director Stanislav Moša and choreographer Karel Riegel, Vuksanovič and Starina prepared an author mini-opera called Ambrosij and Lucije for four characters: Father, Mother, Daughter and Pig. The performance was very successful and Mirko Vuksanovič suddenly became a much-demanded composer of theatre music in other Slovenian theatres. Together with his brother, Mirko also founded a rock group Automobiles, which plays exclusively its own songs. In the Brno City Theatre, he took part in the staging of There´s one in Every Marriage.

Becket, or The Honour of God

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