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  • Genre
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere1. December -1
  • Length2:40 hod.
  • Number of reprises0
  • Price

Musical based on the screenplay Some Like It Hot

The musical is based on the legendary film with Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot. It is hardly credible that the film was on in the year 1959 for the first time, i.e. forty-seven years ago! The musical of the same name was extraordinarily successful throughout the world and was later put on almost all Czech stages…

The film and its musical stage version have been provoking bursts of laughter for dozens of years. Why? Two musicians witness by accident the settling of accounts between two gangs. Then they are pursued by gangsters and must hide somewhere. They get an idea to disguise themselves as women and join an all-girl band. Thanks to their disguise they get into one comic situation after another. And as if it were not enough that they are pursued by gangsters, they both fall in love with a charming vocalist and ukulele player named Sugar. Sugar is just free, but they cannot reveal their real male identity to not fall in hands of their prosecutors. When an older millionaire falls for one of them and asks his hand, it is really too much.



  • Peter Stone
  • Jule Styne
  • Bob Merrill

Directed by

  • Roman Štolpa


  • Ivo Osolsobě
  • Vladimír Fux


  • Kateřina Hájková


  • Petr Kastner

Music production

  • Petr Hanzlík


  • Petr Hanzlík



  • Petra Janečková
  • Lída Vlášková
  • Martin Mejzlík
  • Milan Němec
  • Petr Hübner
  • Pavel Novotný
  • Jan Hyhlík
  • Michaela Frkalová
  • Kristina Jelínková
  • Dagmar Novotná
  • Jindra Janoušková
  • Zdeněk Rumpík
  • Alexander Postler
  • Martin Hrubý a další.