Love´s Labour´s Lost

Love´s Labour´s Lost

  • Genre Singspiel
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere5. May 2001
  • Length3:05 hod.
  • Number of reprises41
  • Final performance11. May 2005

Romantic comedy

Ferdinand, king of Navarre, and his three courtiers take an absurd pledge: they will only addict themselves to studies for three years and will give up all joys and delights – women, food and sleep … However, everything changes when a French princess with her suite comes to the court of Navarre. Despite their vows, the four men fall in love and start to woo four girls … This is a beginning of Shakespeare’s comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost which is not performed very frequently, but is of great interest. It is a great feast of language and fireworks of verbal wit celebrating delights and sorrows of amorous feeling with cunning beauty of words and resembling Mozart’s best comic operas with its spontaneous playfulness and ferocity. That is why, the authors of the performance, the director Jana Kališová and the dramatic adviser Jiří Záviš, substituted a final play About Nine Giants – to be prepared in honour of the king – with a part of Mozart’s opera Così Fan Tutte where female parts are sung by men … Mozart’s music is omnipresent throughout the performance and is played live by a music band.



  • William Shakespeare

Directed by

  • Jana Kališová j.h.


  • Martin Hilský


  • Sylva Hanáková j.h.
  • Blanka Tesařová j.h.



  • Miloň Kališ j.h.


  • W.A.Mozart

Music production


  • Jaroslava Zimová - Leufenová j.h.



Don Hektor de Armado


Páter Nathan

Princezna francouzská





Shakespeare Somewhat of Different Things

Jiří P. Kříž 1. December -1 zdroj Právo

…To mention performances of actors - Moša’s theatre belongs to a few theatres where stars are cast as any comic figures - two roturiers dominating the Love’s Labour’s Lost should not be forgotten: Costard the “clown” and Jaquenetta the girl, the former acted by Viktor Skála and the latter by a newcomer of the season Helena Dvořáková. They filled the stage masterfully with their high spirits, acceptable dose of flippancy, gross buffoonery and daring lust. Ladislav Kolář as somewhat Quijote-like and somewhat eccentric Spanish Don Armado, Zdeněk Junák as Mr Boyet, or Karel Jánský as teacher Holofernes keep pace with them… full-blooded, flared, luscious presentation!

With Mozart’s Easiness Along the Level of Words

Luboš Mareček 1. December -1 zdroj MF Dnes

…To show an audience round such a play in the time which does not listen to verses and when music arts are replaced by pragmatism is a heroic act. The director Jana Kališová and her production team managed to do so …

…Kališová may be characterized as an unobtrusive directress with a feeling for measure. The comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost is lyrical, but lewd and roughly ambiguous in a lot of insinuations. Kališová has mastered both positions without bigger scenic fads. She cheers the actors as well as an audience with words adding inconspicuously a situational or gestic joke. Everything is light, synoptic, just depending on the coordination of actors …

…The indicated atmosphere is crowned successfully with Mozart’s music smuggled in the Shakespeare’s text by Kališová and the dramatic adviser Jiří Záviš. Besides motives tingeing the text, a sequence of the comic opera Così Fan Tutte appears in the final scene...

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Jiří P. Kříž 1. December -1 zdroj Xantypa

…The ensemble of the Brno Municipal Theatre capable of mastering any task of the presentation is enviable. I have not got used to the present stars yet (Antalová, Čvančarová, Ptáčková, Skála, Ondříček, Gazdík…), and new ones are coming out: Helena Dvořáková and Plecháčková, Petr Štěpán, Alan Novotný. And the director Stanislav Moša has engaged the whole year of graduates from the JAMU musical dramatic art for next season. Thus, a critic has no time to fall in true love with a more beautiful half of the stars!

Love’s Labour’s Lost Does Not Fall Lost

Libuše Zbořilová 1. December -1 zdroj Rovnost

Shakespeare’s early comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost performed by the Brno Municipal Theatre company does not fall lost at all …

… The translation of the comedy carried out by prof. Martin Hilský is a real dainty for language lovers – he was applauded several times by means of the performance of Karel Jánský (teacher Holofernes) and others …

…A significant role in the presentation is played by Mozart’s music… The directress used singing abilities of actors in sequences of the comic opera Così Fan Tutte having a similar theme (replacing the prescribed scene of Nine Giants – adaptation by Jana Kališová and Jiří Záviš) …; the directress saw about as perfect as possible intonation of non-opera singers …

…The dramatic opus has two strong points – it abounds in the youth (by which its individual direction is given) and an inoffensive rate of eroticism (also acceptable to older spectators)…

…Rather forgotten Shakespeare’s comedy revived on the stage of the Brno Municipal Theatre in May equipollently to his most frequently performed plays.