Mourning Becomes Eektra

Mourning Becomes Eektra

  • Genre
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere6. April 2002
  • Length2:50 hod.
  • Number of reprises34
  • Final performance20. November 2004


Mourning Becomes Electra, a tragedy of people who found themselves outside the harmony, occupies a central place in the work of the American dramatist Eugene O´Neill as well as in the world drama of the twentieth century. It is said that O´Neill, one of the greatest modernist writers, has executed nothing less in the American drama but changed it in about ten years from a false world of dextrous professional tricks into the world of beauty, fear and magnitude. The Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to O´Neill only as the second American related just to the grandiose trilogy Mourning Becomes Electra, a ravishing tragedy about a fall of the Mannon dynasty on the background of just finished war of the American North against the South, a drama about parents and children, love and hate, crime and punishment, desire and conscience …. A drama of great theatrical opportunities.



  • Eugene O´Neill

Directed by

  • Jana Kališová j.h.

Assistant director

  • Monika Bártová


  • Jan Grossman


  • Jan Růžička j.h.



  • Miloň Kališ j.h.

Ezra Mannon

Kristina Mannonová


Adam Brant

Petr Niles

Seth Beckwith

Behind Closed Shutters and without Flowers

Jiří P. Kříž 1. December -1 zdroj Právo

The Brno Municipal Theatre chose one of the most tragic themes of the world dramatic literature. The directress Jana Kališová prepared Eugene O´Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra, creating thus so far the maturist presentation in her carrier. Thus, the “musical” Brno Municipal Theatre confirmed definitely its seriously intended return to the Czech dramatic peak …

…In the context of scenic production, the tragedy Mourning Becomes Electra performed by the Municipal Theatre has been aiming high since its premieres held on 6th and 7th April. To be said modestly – another representative contribution sketching in the face of contemporary Czech theatre.

The Mannon’s Drama is Attractive

Libuše Zbořilová 1. December -1 zdroj Rovnost

…The well-advised direction gives an opportunity of remarkable performances. Not accidentally the title role of Lavinia (modern Electra) was assigned to Helena Dvořáková for whom it is the first big challenge on the stage of the Municipal Theatre. She is meeting the challenge gradually, not by outside but by her inside persuasion about her truth, with unpretentious anger, love and compassion … The counterpoise of Lavinia is Seth Beckwith, her sympathizer and a man for everything (originally antique chorus). Performed by Jiří Tomek, he looks very truthful like the conscience of the Mannon family, good ghost of their house … You will look forward to each of his entries announced by singing in a portal...

When Children Punish Their Parents and Themselves

Luboš Mareček 1. December -1 zdroj Divadelní noviny

…However, the whole is folded up in an airy hundred-and-eighty-minute play well-arranged for an audience (the original version was seven hours long!). Swollen period skirts are rustling about without drowning out substantial stings of the drama. An extinct sentimental evergreen and nervous solo parts of lots of instruments sound there. The music by Daniel Fikejz as well as quite simple scenic decor by Miloň Kališ make the colour of that time more expressive. Several stairs across the stage bear the system of three sliding gates and doors. A luxury interior can be seen behind them with a marriage bed on the horizon as a Freudian symbol of all causes of violence, incest and fatal guilt...

O´Neill’s Electra Gave a Good Opportunity to Helena Dvořáková

Kateřina Bartošová 1. December -1 zdroj Lidové noviny

…Assigning the title female role of Lavinia to Helena Dvořáková was a well-judged choice. The young actress recently graduated from the Janáček Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts created successfully at least one conspicuous figure of a strong tragic hero of the same type (Lorka’s Yerma).



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