A Flea in Her Ear

A Flea in Her Ear

  • Genre Drama
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere27. April 1996
  • Length3:00 hod.
  • Number of reprises204
  • Final performance6. April 2020


A Flea in Her Ear, a light farce which is the most frequently performed play by the French dramatist Georges Feydeau, belongs not only to the masterpieces of the author, but it is also a summary of the French theatre since Molière’s time. The author of the comedy starts to tell with irony, humour and gracefulness a simple story of seeming infidelity at the Lantern Rouge Hotel into which all characters are dragged step by step. Thus, the presentation of A Flea in Her Ear on the stage of the Brno Municipal Theatre directed and adapted by Gustav Skála (also a choreographer) and brand-newly translated by Marie Veselá-Dugrangee does not lack a wonderful fun. The mise-en-scene was recorded and successfully broadcasted by the Czech Television.




  • Georges Feydeau

Directed by

  • Gustav Skála j.h.



  • Josef Jelínek j.h.


  • Ondřej Šrámek j.h.


  • Vladimír Šrámek j.h.


Viktor Champsboisy / Bouton

Kamil Champsboisy

Marcela Champsboisy

Romain Tournel

Homenides de Histangua

Luiza de Histangua

Dr. Finache


Augustin Ferraillon

Olympia Ferraillon

Evženie, pokojská


Dvě slečny z hotelu


A Flea in Her Ear has been played in Brno for ten years

(šmi) 12. June 2006 zdroj Rovnost

Brno. After West Side Story, A Flea in Her Ear is another play celebrating ten years of presentations in the Brno City Theatre this year. It was put on for the first time on 27th April 1996.

A Flea in Her Ear is the most frequently played drama of French dramatist Georges Feydeau. The production was created by guest stage manager Gustav Skála in the year 1996.

The author of the comedy starts a simple story of assumed infidelity in the Galant Cat Hotel with irony, wit and charm.

“Immediately after the stage management individual components of the production are dominated by Gustav Skála’s choreography with demanding elements and extraordinary invention for almost infinite number of gags...,” Jiří Teš wrote ten years ago in the Slovo daily paper.

There is Nothing to Beat a Good Rag

Pavel Doležel 1. December -1 zdroj Brněnský večerník

Though only several days passed from the first night of Feydeau’s Flea in Her Ear in the Brno Municipal Theatre, the notices “SOLD OUT” are pasted over the posters. Thus, the theatre has another mise-en-scene which need not be recommended …

…The Flea becomes an exceptionally dynamic and dramatic performance of smart phraseology, gesture and motion, where the spectator laughs at a theatrical humour, not at awkwardness arisen from half-baked ideas…

Theatre Glossary

Luboš Mareček 1. December -1 zdroj Divadelní noviny

…After ten years, the Brno Municipal Theatre returned to a French farce by Georges Feydeau, A Flea in Her Ear. One of the most frequently played saloon comedies was dressed in a new coat being translated by Marie Veselá-Dugrangee…

…Another innovation (as against the rooted stage design custom of using excessive decorations of belle èpoque) is a large interior with minimal furniture and impressive costumes of the 1920’s. The scenic decor of the performance is a real experience. A traditional door system, rather shortened text, more than a dozen of characters and just to rouse it properly. The Brno Flea in Her Ear directed by Gustav Skála has quite a brisk rhythm...

…Who Would Like to Avoid Charybda

Jiří Teš 1. December -1 zdroj Svobodné slovo

…You will remember for a long time the performance of perhaps the best-known Feydeau’s play A Flea in Her Ear given in the Brno Municipal Theatre for its brilliant fidelity to the author’s poetics. Director’s (Gustav Skála, director, choreographer and co-author of translation and adaptation) and dramatic adviser’s (Ondřej Šrámek co-operating with Karel Tománek) invention was happily united with the ensemble’s absorption and enthusiasm. The adaptation concerns especially the passages which would jeopardize a fast course of action. The result is an exceptionally dashing and zingy performance, a common craze catching one’s breath, in short the real bedlam …

…Immediately after the direction, individual components of the performance are dominated by Gustav Skála’s choreography with demanding elements of characterization and the exceptional invention of almost infinite number of gags. Vladimír Šrámek’s functional scene full of secession colours provides all the bustle with a lot of space...

A Flea in Her Ear – A Fetching Popular Farce

Vít Závodský 1. December -1 zdroj Práce

…G. Skála demonstrated that he understood confidentially the genre as well as the writer’s poetics and managed to enthuse all the fifteen actors about the performance on the stage (actually, it is no fun to produce a comedy well). The saloon story on seeming infidelities at the Lantern Rouge Hotel thus results in an almost three-hour performance which is absolutely not lengthy or boring: all participants add further ingredients of original ideas to the piquant food of the experienced author, creating thus a brisk and graduated performance with interlocking actions, of suitable cast, lively and balanced, agglutinated and sparkled with re-runs …

…The Brno Flea in Her Ear struck out a chic, pleasant, recreational sitting having a taste of well-cooled champagne of formerly piquant but later slightly elderly flirtatious waxworks.

The Brno Municipal Theatre

1. December -1 zdroj Svět a divadlo

…Besides the West Side Story… A Flea in Her Ear by Georges Feydeau belongs to the successful presentations of the Brno Municipal Theatre…

…Since the beginning, the spectators are amused with excellent dialogues of Zdena Herfortová acting the part of snaky Luiza Homenides de Histangua and jealous Marcela Chamboisy acted by Jana Musilová… Undoubtedly, Ladislav Kolář also found an interesting part in the play…

…The main double part of Victor Emanuel Champsboisy and drunk Bouton is played by Jiří Dvořák with delight and enthusiasm… The play is also recommended for perfect comic performances of actors whose names are usually connected with parts of other kind.