Gustav Skála

Gustav Skála

He is the Prague Conservatory of Dance graduate; he studied one year in the Choreography Institute of A. Vaganova in Moscow and in the Institute of Greta Palluca in Dresden. After a five-year engagement in the National Theatre, he left for the DAMU in order to study direction and drama theory. After his graduation in 1991, when he finished the studies with Amfitryon by Moliere, he created the Amfitryon Studio and worked also in the Theatre pod Palmovkou. Together with a part of the theatre group, he left for Liberec where he became the manager of the drama theatre for one season. Since1993, he has been a guest in the Brno City Theatre. He also co-operates with the Czech Television. In the Brno City Theatre, he directed plays such as Mam´zelle Nitouche, Cinderella and A Flea in her Ear. As a dramatic adviser, he participated in the staging of West Side Story.


Rendezvous with Operetta

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Choreografie Orfeus v podsvětí

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