Our Swaggerers

Our Swaggerers

  • Genre Drama
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere29. December 2000
  • Length2:25 hod.
  • Number of reprises55
  • Final performance23. October 2003

Czech Classical Comedy

Our Swaggerers, a comedy written by Ladislav Stroupežnický became the most popular classical bestseller in the Czech drama during its more than a hundred-year history like Smetana’s Bartered Bride in opera. At its legendary Prague presentation in the year 1979, the director Miloš Macháček called it immortal. An important feature of the play is its sense of humour as a characteristic of the Czech people with which they have been approaching their lives. The figures of the play are people of common fates and qualities. A simple story tells what occurred in a village of Honice when a night watch was to be chosen, how that little event stirred up “political” events and divided a local council in a pettifogging dispute: conceited rich farmers tried to prevail one over another and demonstrate their power, revealing thus their self-will, blindness, pride and naive slyness.



  • Ladislav Stroupežnický

Directed by



  • Jan Dušek j.h.

Music production


  • Igor Vejsada

Valentin Bláha

Filip Dubský

Jakub Bušek



Habršperk, švec

Matěj Šumbal

Marie Šumbalová

Kašpar Šmejkal

Fiala, krejčí

Terezka Fialová

Kristina Fialová



We still Have not Money for a Round of Green Liquer

Jiří P. Kříž 1. December -1 zdroj Právo

…Stroupežnický is very lucky with up-to-date stage managers of his most performed play … The opportunity to highlight an eternal theme of smallness was grasped with zest in Brno. The revisers of infertile and almost unreadable Stroupežnický’s play, Černín and the dramatic adviser Jiří Záviš seem to understand the intention of Jan Skácel to retell to children fairy tales (not only) by Božena Němcová written in an archaic language which is almost unintelligible today. Without any cheap political updating, they rewrote the play into a grim, sometimes brutal farce of torrential pace...

Revived National Renaissance

(TOF) 1. December -1 zdroj Hospodářské noviny

…Černín utilized perfect musical qualities of the ensemble and Jiří Pavlica created an excellent scenic background. The unique clear figure of the play, Markytka, is shining in an ethereal performance of well singing and dancing Petra Jungmanová, last year’s Thalia… A storm of applause on an open scene belonged to Ladislav Kolář and Zdena Herfortová (the Dubskýs), Zdeněk Junák and Eva Gorčicová (the Bušeks), Martin Havelka (veteran Bláha), Erik Pardus (shoemaker Habršperk), Karel Mišurec (tailor Fiala) and his numerous family dominating by a teenage daughter Kristyna acted by Markéta Sedláčková…

The National Renaissance need not be a dead period...

The Brno Presentation of Our Swaggerers...

Kateřina Bartošová 1. December -1 zdroj Lidové noviny

The Brno Presentation of Our Swaggerers Abounds in Pithy Humour

“The musical orientation of the Brno Municipal Theatre is stable and well-known. The latest Černín’s presentation of Our Swaggerers does not get out of the rut…

… The presentation is framed in a vaudevillian arrangement … Hundreds of hanging garlands, dancing and swift mass shifts and running make a wild background of the well-known plot concerning the choice of a night watch. All scenes prescribed by Stroupežnický are replaced by a pub hall with a live music band above the rear wall. This simplification corresponds to the character of the presentation where everything important occurs in the pub and continuous drinking of spirits makes a source of fun...

Czech Swaggering Revived...

Simona Polcarová 1. December -1 zdroj Brněnský den

Czech Swaggering Revived in the Brno Municipal Theatre after Years

…The director Zdeněk Černín who undertook together with Jiří Záviš a light revision of the text conceived the comedy as a roguery directed intransigently into own ranks… Černín produces masterfully mass scenes … A refrain of the song “I, I, I was right, I was right” becomes a leitmotif of the performance describing exactly characters of our Czech heroes …

…Černín presents the characteristic of a Czech man without gilding, with a bit of irony, but at the same time with love. In his realistic conception the matter is shifted to the present theatre-goer in an unexpectedly live and palatable way. He puts slight irony on too sentimental motives and makes fun of them … Punch is wittily replaced by green liquor, classical songs are complemented with new ones and the scene is livened up with a live band above wings. The action is ornate with a number of producer’s jokes …

…Černín’s work with actors is also excellent. It can be seen that they all played their swaggerers with huge zest and grace … A really successful performance to enter a new millenium.