• Genre Musical
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere9. October 2021
  • Length1:55 hod.
  • Number of reprises64
  • Price 620 - 660 Kč

A musical comedy about the crises that arise in interpersonal relationships – European premiere

What can happen during your first blind date? What should you talk about? Work, ex-partners, your worries and disappointments? Isn´t it enough to make you go crazy: to think about whether the other person is good enough for you and whether you are good enough for them – while at the same time trying to relax and enjoy yourself? And most importantly – who should pay the bill at the end?

This charming and gentle musical comedy by a trio of young American authors was first performed on Broadway seven years ago to great acclaim, followed by successful runs in Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Melbourne. This was due in part to its catchy and melodic songs, but is also undoubtably down to the idiosyncratic nature of this inventive chamber musical. The first date between Aaron, an endearingly shy manager, and the attractive “tough girl” Casey is accompanied in an original manner by the throng of “voices in their heads” which the two love-seekers bring to their first date. Casey´s sister is there with talk about Casey’s ticking biological clock and bad taste in men, as is Aaron´s ex-girlfriend Allison, who is a permanent marriage-related trauma for him. Add to them the voices of Reggie, Casey´s angry gay friend, who is ever ready to “rescue” Casey from an unsuccessful date, and perhaps the choir of Aaron´s Jewish family members who are coming to warn him (in his imagination) against getting closer to a girl of a different faith. It is clear that this is a good starting point for some intelligent entertainment that – although it does not seem like it at first – eventually confirms that opposites do attract…

Please note: Tobacco products are used in the performance.

Of course, there is no smoking in the public areas of the Brno Municipal Theatre. If tobacco products are used on stage as part of a prescribed acting event, it is a work of art that enjoys the protection of inviolability under the Copyright Act. A cigarette is thus considered a prop. The use of cigarettes, even electronic cigarettes, in performances already performed is considered to be an artistic effect which cannot yet be replaced by any other means. It is not the smoking of cigarettes or other tobacco products, but the artistic representation of this activity.


  • Alan Zachary
  • Michael Weiner
  • Austin Winsberg

Directed by

Assistant director




Umělecký záznam a střih představení

  • Dalibor Černák

Asistent hudebního nastudování

  • Josef Javora


  • Stanislav Moša


  • Petr Hloušek

Light direction

  • David Kachlíř

Příprava klavírního výtahu

  • Dan Kalousek


  • Tino Kratochvil, Petr Hloušek

Dirigent nahrávky

  • Dan Kalousek, Josef Javora


  • Zdeněk Helbich

Muž 1/ Židovský sbor/ Gabe/ Youtube/ Hezounek

Žena 1/ Babička Ida/ Lauren/ Facebook/ Žena s megafonem 2/ Aaronova matka

Muž 2/ Reggie/ Aaronův budoucí syn/ Instagram/ Rocker

Žena 2/ Židovský sbor/ Allison/ Google/ Žena s megafonem 1

Muž 3/ Číšník/ Caseyin křesťanský otec/ Twitter/ Přátelský terapeut

The musical First Date: this amorous rendezvous has glamour

Luboš Mareček 11. October 2021 zdroj


The Brno premiere at the Municipal Theatre Brno is also the first live European "off-line" performance of The First Date. And the stage on Lidická Street has been praised for its quick dramaturgical import of current musical theatre innovations for many years. Moshe's two-hour production without intermission has swing and momentum, dispenses with bombastic effects and monstrous, booming sound on a small drama stage, and yet remains a full-bodied musical that brings successful acting, witty songs and imaginative music to the fore. The authors characterize or materialize each of the situations during a date in an ordinary café with a different musical genre, shooting from musical styles as well as various clichés. The seventeen musical numbers include rock, pop, pop-rock, jazz, a rap number, but also Jewish klezmer in the extremely successful choral number Not That Girl!. There is a magical quotation of Handel's Messiah or one of the hits by the famous folk duo Simon and Garfunkel.

In contrast to the established practice from the large MdB music scene, the audience will now not hear the orchestra. The first date is a musical on half playback and the actors sing to pre-recorded music. This does not detract from the beauty of this production. The viewer will still enjoy these magical musical flourishes, alternating between the aforementioned genres with ease. The strength of the musical architecture of the title is that the whole, despite the diverse musical equipment, does not feel fragmented and disjointed. Moša does not embellish his production with any scenic or directorial frills. He tries to balance the humorous, entertaining and at times ironic positions of the title with the almost melancholic, romantic passages, as this amorous pursuit of single thirty-somethings desperate for a partner offers.