My Fair Lady (from Zelňák)

My Fair Lady (from Zelňák)

  • Genre Musical
  • Stage Music Theatre
  • Premiere14. May 2022
  • Length3:10 hod.
  • Number of reprises44
  • Price 670 - 720 Kč

musical comedy based on the play by G. B. Shaw´s Pygmailion

My Fair Lady, "the perfect musical", as the work of composer Frederick Loew and librettist Alan Jay Lerner is often referred to, is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion. This is a well-known fact. The original comedy, ironically subtitled "a romantic play in five acts", from the pen of the most important English playwright after Shakespeare, who was born in Ireland, was written in 1912 and only staged in London two years later, having already appeared on stages in Vienna, Berlin and Prague. In the Brno version, which entered the history of Czech theatre with the title "from Zelňák" in 1999, the unforgettable exclamation "Hébni tó svó shniló řiťó!" was heard 340 times! First on the Drama Stage and then at the Bishop's Court.

The director and editor Stanislav Moša transferred the story to Brno, using the Brno dialect of cockney instead of the London dialect of hantec, and decided to revisit the title in 2022. The plot of the double tale, in which on the one hand the rude dirty girl becomes a real lady and in which also this extraordinary girl manages to soften the hardened sarcastic heart of the rude self-centred professor, remains the same. Yet the revival of this familiar title brings changes not only in the new cast but also in the time setting to the early 20th century. Audiences are treated to a parade of impressive period costumes by Andrea Kučerová in a spectacular set by Jaroslav Milfajt, which this time brings Liza Ďulínková, Professor Hradský and Colonel Špička to Brno in 1912. All this in a new musical setting by Karel Cón and Tony Marek with a fifteen-piece orchestra.

Please note: Tobacco products are used in the performance.

Of course, there is no smoking in the public areas of the Brno Municipal Theatre. If tobacco products are used on stage as part of a prescribed acting event, it is a work of art that enjoys the protection of inviolability under the Copyright Act. A cigarette is thus considered a prop. The use of cigarettes, even electronic cigarettes, in performances already performed is considered to be an artistic effect which cannot yet be replaced by any other means. It is not the smoking of cigarettes or other tobacco products, but the artistic representation of this activity.


  • Alan Jay Lerner
  • Frederick Loewe

Directed by

Assistant director


Music production




Assistant choreography

Odborný jazykový poradce

  • Honza Žanek Hlaváček

Asistentka scénografa

  • Jitka Hloušková


  • Stanislav Moša

Překlad do hantecu

  • Stanislav Moša


  • Zdeněk Helbich

Music adaption

  • Karel Cón

Překlad do češtiny

  • Ota Ornest

Light direction

  • David Kachlíř

Sound Direction

  • Michal Hula


  • Milivoj Husák, Petr Hloušek, Tino Kratochvil

Umělecký záznam a střih představení

  • Dalibor Černák

Jindřich Hradský

Plukovník Jan Špička

Alfréd Ďulínek

Paní Hrušková

Paní Škoda - Vrchovská

Bedřich Škoda - Vrchovský

1. herec, 1. gardista, 1. student, 1. host, 1. pán, 2. prodavač ovoce

2. herec, Výčepní, 2. student, 4. host, 3. pán, 3. prodavač ovoce

1. návštěvník divadla, 2. kumpán, 5. host, Lokaj, 1. trhovec

Zelinář, Pepek, 4. gardista, 3. host, Manžel transylvánské královny

2. návštěvník divadla, Rozzlobený muž, 3. gardista, Šebela, 4.  pán, 4. prodavač ovoce 

3. návštěvník divadla, 1. kumpán, 2. gardista, 3. student, 2. host, 2. pán, 2. trhovec

1. prodavač ovoce, Kuba, Král, 6. host, 5. pán

Herečka, 3. kometa, 3. studentka, 4. partnerka, 1. dáma, 1. prodavačka ovoce

1. návštěvnice divadla, 1. studentka, 5. partnerka, 2. dáma, 2. prodavačka ovoce

2. návštěvnice divadla, Chmelová, 1. partnerka, 6. dáma, 1. zelinářka, Komorná

3. návštěvnice divadla, 2. kometa, 6. partnerka, Transylvánská královna, 2. zelinářka 

3. zelinářka, 4. kometa, 4. studentka, 3. partnerka, Květinářka, 7. dáma

1. trhovkyně, 5. dáma

2. trhovkyně, 1. kometa, 2. partnerka, 4. dáma

3. trhovkyně, Rozzlobená ženská, 2. studentka, Šebelová, 3. dáma