World of Angels

World of Angels

  • Genre Musical
  • Stage Drama Theatre
  • Premiere27. October 2000
  • Length2:35 hod.
  • Number of reprises140
  • Final performance11. April 2019


The musical written by the couple of authors Zdeněk Merta – Stanislav Moša takes place at the present time, on the night before Christmas Eve. The hero, talented pianist John, is going through a personal and artistic crisis wandering from place to place, from one trouble to another. At a hotel where a variety show is on, he accidentally meets his girl-friend Sandra he loved when they were children. She works as a dancer there. A lot of views back, to John’s and Sandra’s childhood reveal the causes of John’s exclusion from the society.

However, love is the main idea of the musical, whose attractiveness is emphasized by Zdeněk Merta’s music encompassing a full range of styles. Those whom John loved and betrayed contribute to John’s comprehension. Only his guardian angel keeps John under his wing at critical moments. The world of angels watches not only over John but over all of us who fight against the snares of life.

The production presented excellent acting and singing rewarded not only with thunderous applause but also professional critique.

Directed by




  • Jan Dušek j.h.




  • Vladimír Kloubek j.h.

Music coordination

  • Karel Cón, Martin Kumžák

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Janův otec

Janova matka

Christmas Is Approaching...

Zdeněk A. Tichý 1. December -1 zdroj MF Dnes

Christmas Is Approaching, the World Will Be Full of Angels Again

… As for music, the World Full of Angels is the best work composed by Merta in the co-operation with Moša. Monumental orchestral areas alternate with cabaret melodies and chansons; the central song The Evening Star Is Rising which accompanies John’s childhood is suggestive in its simplicity …

You will Get to Know Angels according...

TOF 1. December -1 zdroj Hospodářské noviny

You will Get to Know Angels according to How One Lives

…It is clear up to the nines today that The World Full of Angels as a whole – including the scenic decor by Jan Dušek, an inventive member of the Brno team who should not be forgotten – is undoubtedly the best original Czech musical of the nineties…

Each of You Has Your Guardian Angel

Vladimír Čech 1. December -1 zdroj Hospodářské noviny

…The pair of authors – the composer Zdeněk Merta and the librettist Stanislav Moša - is matched and well-tried, which is proved by the preceding projects: Midsummer Nights’ Dreams (ten years old, but still performed), The Bastard, or Babylon…

…The presentation directed by Moša himself, is another convincing show of musical capabilities of the ensemble. Vitality, zest, enthusiasm, performance up to stop – that is nothing new in the Brno Municipal Theatre. This time again – and during all the three nights – the zest of actors thrilled an audience. There are no weak performances there …

First Nights...

Vladimír Čech 1. December -1 zdroj Rovnost

First Nights of the World Full of Angels Accompanied with Frenetic Applause

…The musical performance of the World Full of Angels directed by Moša himself is another trump of the well-tried couple of authors and the whole, lustily ambitious “theatre from Lidická Street”. The presentation is the most convincing where Merta’s inspiration is the most sparkling and where it has “angelic wings” of impressive choreography by Vladimír Kloubek…

…Merta’s music alters masterfully variety songs with chansons, jazz, spiritual, medium-stream songs, expressive declamatory passages, in short, what seems to be the most suitable is picked on, which is a cinch and an evident pleasure for a live music band conducted by Karel Cón…

…The ensemble pearled indeed in their acting and singing. Its enviable capability of meeting the most demanding requirements of the musical theatre was confirmed unequivocally again. If Rachel acted by Alena Antalová was excellent on Friday, then Zora Jandová giving a guest performance was fantastic a day later …

Love, Love… and Love Again

Marcela Stýblová 1. December -1 zdroj Haló noviny

… It may be said that the whole work is a balm to heal a human soul at the present hurried time. A spectator is given an opportunity to think about himself and the sense of his life during the performance. He returns to his childhood in his thoughts and is forced to distinguish between good and bad things, to consider what he managed and what he failed to do… All of a sudden, there is a lot of themes to be considered. The musical affects human feelings, opens human souls and discovers their second egos. It imposes an idea of guardian angels upon spectators. As if the authors were absolutely sure of their existence. Though it sometimes seems your angel is on a holiday too often, he is there and is ready to rush to your help any time… The musical is interlaced with a psychological undertone which may be seen or perceived differently. In spite of that, I am carrying off pleasant moments experienced during the performance and the faith I have my guardian angel too. The faith that the life is worth living!

Angels Floating above Brno

Radmila Hrdinová 1. December -1 zdroj Právo

…Moša’s direction of the musical teeming with all-redeemable angels like the Salvation Army provides a great show full of action and dreamy scenes where children’s parts mastered professionally are not missing (Matěj Němec and Žaneta Kiliánová in the second premiere). Jan Apolenář acting the part of John has a rough image and excellent singing abilities, Petra Jungmanová is tender and combative Sandra, Roman Vojtek in a static part of Angel occupied an audience with perfectly mastered heights of his persnickety song part as well as Zora Jandová acting the part of Rachel as a guest. The presentation also distinguishes itself by a lively performance of the company in choreography by Vladimír Kloubek and a music rehearsal by Zdeněk Merta and Karel Cón. The music composed by Zdeněk Merta attracts an audience since the first tones of overture. As if Merta had on mind his past songs, he wrote a number of attractive hits in a large scale of genres from gibbous romantic melodies up to swinging, pulse accelerating gospels …

Angels and Too Much Feeling above Brno

Jana Machalická 1. December -1 zdroj Lidové noviny

…A great merit of the new project is Merta’s coloured, vivid and changeable music. Firstly, it chimes in perfectly with the action at the stage, it creates an atmosphere, resulting effect and style of individual situations. The musical has a purposive cabaret frame – the action takes play in a night-club with programme before Christmas Eve. Thus, the story loaded with pathos is lightened and a space for non-violent theatricality is made. The precise choreography by Vladimír Kloubek should be mentioned too. Merta is inspired with a wide range of musical styles which he combines effectively. However, the whole is not disparate and does not miss catching melodies. The performance of the orchestra above the stage underlines the variability of music…