Petr Ulrych

Petr Ulrych

1958 - 1961

Studied at SVVŠ Antonínská secondary school v Brně

1961 - 1966

Studied at the Antonín Zápotocký Aviation Faculty in Brno

1962 - 1964

Together with his classmates, was founder of the student theatre Divadlo bez tradic – Dibetra; in his classmate Pavel Marjánek’s play Paronautikum (a parody of the fashion fever around sputniks and cosmonauts) he sang his first songs

1964 - 1966

Bigbeat band Vulkán

1967 - 1973

Bigbeat band Atlantis


the first monothematic composition, Odyssea, which Atlantis recorded with Gustav Brom’s big band (with Jaromír Hnilička’s arrangement a very significant element); the normalization leadership of the publisher Supraphon refused to issue the album (the record was issued as late as in the year 1990)

1970 - 1972

Engagement at the Rokoko Theatre in Prague

1974 – up to now

Javory (head of the band, and author of the majority of songs)


the Bílá vrána (White Crow) award from the magazine Mladý svět for the author’s album Nikola Šuhaj loupežník – Nikola Šuhaj, the Robber


Silver Bratislavská lyra for the song Javory (Maples) (author of the music)


Award from the magazine Melodie for the album Ententýny


Started to get involved with music for films


Music and texts for the monothematic album Příběh - Story, which was created using the motifs of Vladislav Vančura’s Markéta Lazarová


Music and texts for the monothematic album Tichý hlas – Silent Voice (originally, it was music for a film on ecological topics which hasn’t been executed so far)


Together with the dramatist Martin Fahrner, he wrote the theatrical folk ballad Legenda – The Legend, which was performed by Brno City Theatre under the direction of Stanislav Moša


An award for the music for the film by Milan Šteindler, Díky za každé nové ráno - Thank You for Every New Morning at the film festival in Kiev


Musical ballad Radúz and Mahulena (together with Stanislav Moša), staged by Brno City Theatre, performed until today


Nominated for the Alfred Radok Prize for Radúz and Mahulena


Gold Record from the publisher Universal Music for 25 000 albums sold of To nejlepší s Javory – The Best with Javory

2001 – up to now

Participates in the musical Koločava (ULRYCH, Moša). He is the author of the music for this musical. In 2001 he was awarded the Alfred Radok Prize for the music.

2004 – up to now

Participates in the musical Máj - May (Ulrych, Moša). He is the author of the music for this musical. He gives concerts and makes recordings (Javory).


Petr in role:

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Markéta Lazarová

Petr in role:

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Petr ve funkci:
Hudební supervize

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