• Genre Musical
  • Stage Biskupský dvůr
  • Premiere7. September 2001
  • Length2:20 hod.
  • Number of reprises171
  • Final performance11. April 2019


The latest adaptation of Olbracht’s novel Nikola Suhaj the Outlaw was made by Petr Ulrych and Stanislav Moša, the well-known couple of authors who wrote together the Legend and Raduz and Mahulena. A new Czech musical Kolocava partly comes out of a long playing record Nikola Suhaj the Outlaw released by Petr Ulrych and his band Javory in the year 1974; however more than a half of 25 songs sung in Kolocava are new and were written especially for this production. Besides the principal story, the authors put a particular stress on a Jewish element, without which the depiction of the environment where time has stopped would be unimaginable, and underline some grotesque lines (e.g. a Czech constabulary). The production is accompanied by live music of the expanded band Javory directed by Hana and Petr Ulrych, singing sister and brother. Added film scenes by Dalibor Černák according to the script by Stanislav Moša, resembling productions of Laterna Magika, also play an important role.

Directed by




  • Vladimír Kloubek j.h.

Film clips

  • Dalibor Černák j.h.


  • Stanislav Moša



Jefka, Hafa a jiné

Matka Nikoly

Kapitán četnictva

M. Závodčí, Vlásek

Izák Herskovič

Adam Chrepta

Herš Lejb Wolf

Řecký kněz

Závodčí Svozil

Strážmistr Béla

Ignat Sopko

3. četník

1. žid

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Appreciation for Koloczava

(vr) 9. April 2004 zdroj Haló noviny

Many aged diehard theatre-lovers cannot often go to the theatre because of their higher age, fear of criminality in late evening hours when they come back home or considerably increased ticket prices. That is why they are grateful to the Czech Television for its cycle We Invite You to the Theatre which offers remarkable presentations of theatres all over the Czech Republic and informs on the present situation in the Czech dramatic production, new methods of dramatic presentation, dramatic talents or mature dramatic personalities who are not well-known.

Recently, we had a chance to get to know the inventive work of the Naive Theatre from Liberec in their production of the Insect Play written by the Čapek brothers or the excellent musical Koloczava performed by the Brno Municipal Theatre. Olbracht’s novel Nikola Suhaj, Robber inspired the Brno Theatre “Divadlo na provázku” (Theatre of a String) in the 1970’s to produce their iconic performance A Ballad for a Bandit which was remade into a film version by the director Vladimír Sís. This film belongs to the golden fund of the Czech cinematography.

The Brno Municipal Theatre should be appreciated for its endeavour to surpass the target set high by the “String” with their production written by the singer Petr Ulrych and the director Stanislav Moša. They depicted Olbracht’s bandit story in their own way. The Ulrych siblings contributed to the emotive musical part with their balladic songs, Vladimír Kloubek created an impressive choreography of dancing numbers, the director Moša led the Brno actors to strong performances and united all parts of the performance into a feeling of great theatre enhanced by Dalibor Černák’s additional shots. Some actors got their life opportunities there – for example, Zdeněk Junák playing the part of a Jewish publican or Erik Pardus in overpowering sketches of gendarme captain. Distinct characters were created by young ensemble members - Petr Štěpán (Nikola), Markéta Sedláčková (Erzika) and Tomáš Sagher (Nikola’s brother).

Unfortunately, many Saturday viewers were lured away by Zlatá mříž (Golden Grid) on Nova TV: Thus, it should be recommended to the Czech Television to consider a new repeat of Koloczava in other, more suitable time.

Nikola Suhaj Has His Own Individuality...

Simona Polcarová 1. December -1 zdroj Brněnský den

Nikola Suhaj Has His Own Individuality and Face in the Brno Municipal Theatre

… Moša portrays an atmosphere of Kolocava in scenes of Jewish and Ruthenian communities, with their superstitions and witches. Another expressive element of Kolocava is a constabulary where Moša was not afraid to hit a comic note. The constables led by their captain perform an easing function in the presentation, pleasantly penetrating the story. They do not disturb, on the contrary, they do a service – the captain himself, would-be intelligent, makes an excellent dramatic opportunity (successfully used) for the ensemble elements Erik Pardus and Martin Havelka…

We in Brno Know the Best Way to Approach Suhaj!

Luboš Mareček 1. December -1 zdroj MF Dnes

…The musician Petr Ulrych along with the director Stanislav Moša made an original spectacle from Ivan Olbracht’s novel …

…A synthetic fairylike drama arose in which some dramatic events culminate in added film scenes shown on the screen: performed colour sequences alter with a black-and-white photo of a girl’s face. Another time, a larger space is given to suggestive singing of Hana Ulrychová, dancing of lyric Erzika, or male choreography. Clowning of desperate Czech constables on bicycles, conspiratorial tittup of those parodied colonizers on a Jewish note and successful ritual Jewish dances belong to the peaks of the evening …

…An impressive scenic poem arose in Brno. Contrary to a lot of musical shows of the capital it goes without melodramatic pirouettes and meretricious violation of the literary original. Kolocava provides an audience with an uncommon view presented in a highly artistic form.

“Kolocava” Warmly Accepted

Jaroslav Parma 1. December -1 zdroj Týden

…The authors prepared the delightful production with a large group of actors (36 performers appeared on the stage in the course of the evening, some of them acting two or three parts …

…The Jewish choir singing a song about hands had a tremendous reception – “Hands! Hands don’t do anything at all! The head masters everything!”. The cycling constables had a warm reception as well …

…As usual, the performances of singers Hana Ulrychová and her brother Petr Ulrych were top-class …

…It was confirmed again that live music is non-substitutable in a dramatic performance …

…I think that a story of Nikola Suhaj and Erzika is unforgettable in this region similarly as Romeo and Juliet, which was confirmed again in Kolocava. Surely, the musical being the 571st premiere on the stage of the Brno Municipal Theatre will be “eternal” thanks to the abilities of Petr Ulrych, Stanislav Moša and all around them.

Nikola Suhaj the Outlaw is Coming Back

Jiří P. Kříž 1. December -1 zdroj Právo

…A storm of bandits’ ballads counterballanced with impressive lyric songs is rolling from a stage and a slightly lowered orchestra pit to an audience. It is not a sentiment but a great aesthetic experience of balladic catharsis bringing an idea of dying free, non-humbled, standing, which fetches tears to the eyes of half an audience at Nikola’s final song “When one day, red sky, meet Mum, tell her I won’t come back along a grassy path...

…A stock of talents in the Municipal Theatre is inexhaustible. While the stars of the ensemble flew to spread its fame around Europe, new ones grew up overnight. Of three Nikolas (Robert Jícha, Stano Slovák, Petr Štěpán) the third one dominates the presentation mainly with his sure and clear intonation and a theatrical grasp of the figure. Besides Markéta Sedláčková rewarded with the Thalia Prize (in Saturday’s premiere), the supernova Radka Coufalová did not go out…

…Made-to-measure choreography by Vladimír and Ivana Kloubek makes a specific quality of the production. Brno musical actors are becoming famous for their drilled dancing and accomplished singing not only in Europe but also in Prague…

An Impressive Story...

Tomáš Hejzlar 1. December -1 zdroj Haló noviny

An Impressive Story of Love, Betrayal… , and the Sense of Life

…The experienced librettist Stanislav Moša developed the story of Suhaj with a sensitive view from above and found a proportion between an action and its lyrical substance. The author of music, Petr Ulrych, discontinued his traditional melodic and harmonizing line presented usually by his band Javory…

… The live production is accompanied with a successful and impressive back film projection by Dalibor Černák and an affective lighting, complementing thus the entire image (directed by Stanislav Moša). The musical Kolocava shifts the present Brno musical production as far as the parameters of Prague’s Laterna Magika, however, without copying it …

...Strong points of libretto, composition and script are also supported by traditionally affective choreography, this time by Vladimír Kloubek, and naturally, by the performances of actors. The title roles are successfully alternated by Robert Jícha, excellent Stano Slovák or Petr Štěpán (acting the part of Nikola Suhaj), Radka Coufalová, or perhaps more touching Markéta Sedláčková (Erzika) and a lot of others …

…The previous lyrical tragedy The World Full of Angels performed in the Municipal Theatre brought as a new element a philosophical aspect of the sense of life and death. This time, the Brno authors present the balladic story not only of love and betrayal, but also of other topical aspects of life...

The Brno City Theatre in Prague

Miroslava Besserová 1. December -1 zdroj Xantypa

A really good musical cannot be performed by every theatre, and this difficult genre can only be exported abroad successfully by a really excellent ensemble. The Brno City Theatre has had such excellent actors and dancers for several years. And the Prague theatre-goers can see them regularly at last as the ensemble will guest in the Goja Music Hall with the best pieces of its repertoire since January till June, every last week of these months, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Petr Ulrych, Stanislav Moša


Since September 2001 the Brno City Theatre (MdB) has in its repertoire the novel by Ivan Olbracht Nikola Suhaj the Outlaw, which interesting stage form was created by Stanislav Moša and Petr Ulrych. New ballads and songs were added to those written by Petr Ulrych in the year 1974, director Stanislav Moša added the script of additional snatches of film for Dalibor Černák. The Javory band with Hana and Petr Ulrych became a live part of the performance resembling the best of Laterna Magika with its creative art. Both the authors tell the story about the bandit in their own way, so there are moments as if the time would stop, there are some indications of grotesque, and the moments when the spectators are literally absorbed by the ballads and big scenes. Proud Nikola, who dies standing, will give you the shivers during his last song: "One day, when you, the red twilight sky, will meet my mother, tell her that I will not come along the forest path."