Pavel Fieber

Pavel Fieber

The Czechoslovak Pavel Fieber, a German actor and director, studied psychology, dramatic art and direction in a seminar of the director Max Reinhardt. He also studied singing at The Academy of Music and Fine Arts. His first actor’s engagement was in Vienna, in Theater der Courage and Theater im Centrum. Later on, he became an actor and director in theatres in Bonn, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Salzburg and Bremen. Besides being a director and actor, from the seventies to nineties he became the manager of Opera School at City Conservatory in Mainz (1971-74), intendant in theatres in Ulm (1985-91), in the Falc Theatre in Raiserlautern and the general intendant in the Baden City Theatre in Karlsruhe (1997-2002). Since 2000, he is the artistic manager of the Luisenburg festival in Wunsiedel. Pavel Fieber has directed about one hundred dramas, operas and musicals. Among the operas directed by Pavel Fieber, the following should be mentioned: Vojcek by Berg , Carmen by Bizet, Boris Godunov by Musorgsky and The Figaro´s Wedding by Mozart. He has directed many plays by Shakespeare; he has also directed many classic plays, such as The Robbers by Schiller. During his engagement in Karlsruhe, he also directed many musicals and operettas – the most famous works were Anatevka (Fiddler on the Roof, 1997) by Bock-Harnick, the music comedy Victor/Victoria (1999) by Wildhorn-Mancini-Briccus, Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber (2000) or the German premiere of the musical Mack and Mabel (1998) with Miro Němec, the commissar from the serial The Crime Scene, and Pavel Fieber interpreting the part of Mack. In the Brno City Theatre, he presented himself as a director of the musical Cabaret (2003).

Fiddler on the Roof

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